Praise for the comedy duo SJ&Ginny...



The easy flow of ideas between SJ and Ginny and their total in-sync-ness are what make their comedy so effortlessly fresh and daring.
— id-VICE




SJ and Ginny are masters at transforming their own anger into material for cleverly written and sharply performed comedy
— The Huffington Post
Fortunately, SJ&Ginny has created a series that fits neatly into my weird little comfort zone, while making some very important, very funny statements about the Feminist movement.
— Splitsider
...they’re actively giving “ladylike” conversation the middle finger—and they’re so funny while they do it. They also dance around dressed in head-to-toe leopard print. There’s just so much dancing. It’s effing delightful
— Bust
The Shame Game is all about divulging shameful secrets onstage. It’s vulnerable, raucous, and absurd… It’s nuts in a great way.
— Village Voice